We are Nexus National Security Network a national security company delivering keyholding and alarm response, mobile patrols and vacant property inspections through a network of approved subcontractors. 

We believe that every commercial property in the UK should contract a security company to hold their keys and respond to alarm activations outside of normal working hours. Not only does this ensure that your business complies with corporate manslaughter and lone worker legislation it means that your team can get on with the job that they are actually employed to do, rather than being tired and unproductive at work as they have had to attend the premises at 3am or similar.

We contracted Richard from Empire Elements to produce not only our front end website but also an online reporting system which is continually evolving and growing as new features are added in. Not only does this system make us stand out from the crowd (and our competitors nervous to say the least) it also means that we can say proudly that we are the only national security company in the UK to operate a 100% paperless system. Richard has constantly amazed us when we present a new idea that we feel could be quite difficult to incorporate into the site with his ‘can do’ attitude and we will continue to use him as our business grows.

Customers in the UK security response market suffer from two major problems: Price and Service. It is not uncommon to find customers paying three or four times as much as they should be for a security company to hold their keys and being given response times in the hours not minutes. If you currently employ security company try asking them what their average response time is, you will find that they are reluctant to say. With Nexus not only are we happy to discuss responses times, we will shortly be displaying an average response time of the front of our website that has been automatically created by the program that Richard has written and independently audited by a quality assurance company – another first in our industry.

By using local companies to deliver our service we not only are ensuring that we give the best response times available, we are also promoting local business – after all a security company who is based close to you will naturally respond quicker to an alarm activation, they know the area, the risks that area brings and the best route to site.

We operate a fair pricing policy guaranteeing that we do not price increase our customers during the term of their contract with us – another first for our industry, and a publicised ‘Customer Service Charter’ that states our intentions. Above all we believe that if you commit to being able to do something with a client, you should actually be able to do it and that customers should be treated as such – given all the information that they require without having to ask for it, at a reasonable price, and with guaranteed access to a company director within an hour 24/7/365 if they need it. 

We are currently offering 15% discount to all Empire Elements customers who wish to utilise our keyholding service and £20 M&S gift vouchers for any referrals who ultimately sign an agreement with ourselves.For more information please contact us!